EAF Finland

EAF Finland – an investment partner for experienced Business Angels

Tekes Venture Capital Ltd has invested EUR 15 million into EAF Finland Business Angel Co-investment Fund. The total size of the Fund is EUR 30 million and the other investor and the advisor of the Fund is European Investment Fund EIF. The Fund co-invests with selected experienced Business Angels into innovative Finnish early stage SMEs.

How does the Angel Co-investment Fund work?

The operating model for the  Fund is a part of pan-European initiative European Angels Fund. In addition to Finland, there are similar funds operating in six other EU countries.

  • The selected  Business Angels as partners of the Fund make co-investments with the Fund into Finnish startup companies
  • All decisions about the investments will be taken by the Business Angels
  • Co-investments are made with a 50-50 principle, so both the Fund and the Angel invest the same amount into the company.

How can a Business Angel apply for the program?

The Business Angels for the program are selected by EIF and the Fund establishes a co-investment framework agreements with a Business Angel.

Business Angels  must meet the following requirements:
– Experience and networks in the field where they are investing.
– Track record of successful investments.
– The ability to generate quality dealflow.
– The ability to invest at minimum EUR 250,000  over a ten-year period.

You can apply on the European Investment Fund website at:


The European Investment Fund publishes the names of the Angels participating in the program on their website. Companies may contact selected Business Angels directly to seek an investment.